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Welcome to the Precure IRL WikiEdit

Hello, everyone! I see you've stumbled across Precure IRL Wiki! Let me explain to you about this wiki! This is a wiki where you can meet all kind of Pretty Cure, such as I, Cure Blossom! Notify me on which Pretty Cure you are. Please don't steal anyone's name. There can't be two Cure Marines. I hope you enjoy, and help contribute to make this wiki bloom! (In other words, message me to see what Pretty Cure roles are available first! First come first serve. Act like that role at all times and a profile pic of that Pretty Cure would help everyone know what role you play. You can at least put it on your user page!) 

Check out the rules for the wiki right here! ====> Rules


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Video of the WeekEdit

The video of the week is Cure Tender's attack, Tender Rising Starburst, from HCPC Ep 39.

HappinessCharge Precure - Cure Tender Attack - Tender Rising Starburst

HappinessCharge Precure - Cure Tender Attack - Tender Rising Starburst

Weekly PollEdit

If you were a fairy, what would you like to say at the end of your sentences?

The poll was created at 05:01 on November 13, 2014, and so far 24 people voted.
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